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Android Guide – Share your SD Card over a Home Network (ROOT Required)

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If you hate using a USB cable to transfer files from your phone’s SD Card (or FAT32 internal storage) to your PC, a Samba file sharing server is arguably one of the best solutions available – assuming you have a rooted phone, that is….

Note: From my own personal experience, Samba Filesharing offers more functionality and better response times than FTP servers (such as Swiftp)…

29 thoughts on “Android Guide – Share your SD Card over a Home Network (ROOT Required)”

  1. Hey lads. For everyone who can't access their folder over the network, because win says "it can't be found":
    In the samba app, go to settings and then to "other filesharing settings". Then there tap on "Second shared folder". For me it said /mnt/media/rw/sdcard1". Check that and hit ok. After that go back to the start screen, hit the menu button again and tap on "enable". On the popup tap ok. After this refresh your network on windows. If you click your device in the network, you should now see a folder called "share2". This one is your actual sdcard. The other one called "sdcard" is actually your internal storage. Hope i could help!

  2. hey man… i am having troubles here.

    i dont see IP, phone name, network name etc. in samba. it says "enabled-not running" but i can do everything just fne. its just a bit slow…

  3. Hey Bugsy, thanks for the video!  It worked the first time then I reset the phone (battery died) and now it just says "Enabled – Not Running"  I have tried re-installing the app but still no luck.  Any suggestions?

  4. when I click on android in the "add network location" it says "windows cannot access \ANDROID" any way to fix this problem. (It was working about an hour ago but then it stopped working and when I tried to do the process again that error message came up)

  5. Hey, strangely after a few tries, i see the extSdCard now.. Bravo Bugsy it works.
    But a strange issue. I mapped it on my computer. After some time I disable the samba. The network drive is somehow still connected. I tried to create a directory and it got created. I was able to see it in my phone. How come it is connecting even in a disable mode… are there any settings I need to take care of ?

  6. Hi Bugsy, I am not able to share my extSdCard via the Second Share Folder. Everytime the radio box against the extSdCard shows as unselected even after i have selected it.
    I don't see the extSdCard as well. It only locates the sdcard not the extSdCard.
    Any idea, what could be the issue or what i could be doing wrong ?

  7. Thank you for a very imformative and helpful video!

    I'm having a problem though: I follow your guide but my samba says "Enabled – Not running".

    I'm using android 4.1.1 on my Imito MX1 device. Do you (or anyone else) know how to solve this?

    Thanks again!

  8. For everybody having trouble with the device not showing up in the network-broswer in windows7: click on computer, then right button in the white space, "ad networkadess" (or what ever it is in the english version) type in: \—>ipadress<—-SDCARD , then just the password, that you set up in the app.
    i tried the netbios-name instead of sdcard all the time. now i'll get something against my headache.

  9. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Kaspersky, but a a quick google search pulled up quite a few results. A lot of people keep refering to "Application Activity Analyzer", so that might be a good place to start. Another personal suggestion would be to double check that your home network is set to 'trusted' and not 'public'. That will often cause such issues too. Good luck.

  10. These situations are always difficult to diagnose, but they are usually caused by Antivirus/Firewall applications (eg. ESET Antivirus/Smart security), or router configuration (eg. blocked ports). It might be worth disconnecting from the internet, then trying again with your firewall disabled.

    Also take a look at the developer's FAQ (link at the bottom of the description box). He lists a few things that might help you diagnose the problem. Hope you get it working.

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