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Autodesk Pixlr: Excellent Android Photo Editing App

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Here is PIXLR from Autodesk, an awesome Android photo editing app. I show how it works and the features in this app. I hope you guys like the video.

Download Autodesk Pixlr here:

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19 thoughts on “Autodesk Pixlr: Excellent Android Photo Editing App”

  1. Hi people Iam a photo editor freak I have used hundreds of different apps but I found that pixlr is the best app in the market and its free ,I have learned so many tricks on this app that will blow ur mind but one thing that the best way to use it iss with an S pen Samsung 4 is what I use I have over 700 editing photos on instagram that people think I use photoshop visit me in instagram and you will see what I am talking about all my photos have been blended together into 1pic sometimes I use 4 to 10 photos blend them into 1 photo please visit me on IG @blendedit

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