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How to hard reset LG G3 Korea F460,LG G3 F400

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hard reset lg g3/g3 cat.6 korean :
power off your phone, press and hold vol- and power, when LG logo…

9 thoughts on “How to hard reset LG G3 Korea F460,LG G3 F400”

  1. still the same,
    By The Way I have Korean version of 'olle g'

    still doesnt work, I have tried this so many times bro, do you have any solution ?
    a knd of ricks something lke that, all works, My Buttons v up-down, and power all is good, but I can not find away to go into wiping mode

  2. to get in recovery on F460s, worked on mine, Press Vol-up + Power, as the logo appears release the keys and press Vol-up + Vol-down, you will boot into recovery.

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