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iPhone X iOS 12 vs OnePlus 6 Android P 9.0 – Speed Test!

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iOS 12 vs Android P. iPhone X On iOS 12 vs OnePlus 6 Android 9.0 P Who’s the king of beta? Let’s find out.

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25 thoughts on “iPhone X iOS 12 vs OnePlus 6 Android P 9.0 – Speed Test!”

  1. As a computer science student, a would like to say that android should be, *in the same enviroment*, slower than IOS.
    Thats because android a made using java. Which is, a interpreted programming language. Interpreted programing languages take more processing and memory in RAM compared with compiled programming languages like IOS.
    The fact that android is faster in this test compared with IOS should be because the hardware of the android phone is superior than the apple phone.
    The programmer can, accidentaly, make the program slower, like running a loop more times than it should. But thats stupid and hard to happen.

  2. i noticed that iphone x is filled with apps where as one plus is running only those which he wants to show. clearly shows the guy wants to degrade the brand. try doing the same wen both r fresh out of the box.

  3. Guys I have an iphone 7 with broken screen and the cameras are dead, I want to buy oneplus 6 but the 6t is coming do you recommend waiting for 6t or just get the 6?! HELP

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