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Nokia 7.1 Android Pie Update

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Nokia 7.1 Android Pie Update

I wanted to make a video showing off Android 9.0 on my Nokia 7.1. Please let me know what you think of the changes below in the comments

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17 thoughts on “Nokia 7.1 Android Pie Update”

  1. Did the performance get better because I may buy it and I only have one app open at a time most is 2 and Nokia is good with updates there going to have pi on all there phones by q2

  2. I'm curious on the performance compared to 8.1. Early review complaints on the Nokia 7.1 was the inconsistent performance, or stuttering doing normal tasks. Is this still the case in 9 Pie? Cause I want to buy this phone but performance worries me.

  3. Love this phone. You are straight forward with your review. Mine also has Pie already and loving the phone even more. I'm glad I made this purchase. Too bad about the date up top and google bar at the bottom but that's what you get with phones running Google software. Still an excellent phone. I get no lag and great performance all around. I'd replace this phone with the same one if I ever broke it.

  4. Good video. Only thing stopping me from buying this phone is the hybrid SIM card tray. I think that is horrible. Either a tray for SIMs and Micro SD's or a phone with hella storage like the one plus 6 or Note 9. Android one ftw!! Still stuck on 8.1 with my Nokia 3.1.

  5. The widget is the 'At a glance', couldn't you disable it via home screen settings? Have you checked the new Adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, digital wellbeing? Does it have the 'Shush' and Lockdown mode? Is there the option to make the screen B&W when the DnD is turned on

  6. I bought this yesterday. The 4GB version. I’ve read many review’s of this phone and seen many videos on youtube, all pepole says its supports fast charge, but some regions dont have the quick charger in the box. But mine dosent support it, iv’e tried different fast charger but it takes 3-4 hours to charge it. Same with the charger in the box. What about yours ?
    Nokia care says the phone doesnt support it. If thats true it is a dealbreaker for me.

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