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SAMSUNG ONE UI First Look on Galaxy S9!

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Samsung released its One UI Beta and Android Pie to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ today and we’ve got it up and running! This is our first look and tour of Samsung’s biggest Android skin update in some time. It also could be their best.

Instructions on how to download Samsung One UI Beta:

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50 thoughts on “SAMSUNG ONE UI First Look on Galaxy S9!”

  1. Hate that they put the back button to the left, thats counter productive for one hand operation, the back button is often use than the app switcher, which I barely use, unless i want to close all running apps. The only thing I like is the night mode, but not worth the upgrade.

  2. The "Icons" are identical to the cheap cheesy pre-paid phone icons. My $1000 phone now looks like a cheap, pre-paid $30 box version. Please fix the damn icons or Im switching to iphone. I could have bought a $30 phone if I wanted this cheap cheesy icon look.

  3. It looks the same.. it literally looks the same as the previous android version, oh wait there's a header now…. that shows what menu you just pressed. "Settings" NAW… I CLICKED THE SETTINGS BUTTON FOR NO REASON.

  4. This new update has really messed up my camera for my Galaxy S9 plus! I use to be able to video record and I can also snap a picture with the volume key which I use very often. Now this cannot be done. Hitting the volume key only stops to video from recording or starts the video. And there is no way to set it back the way it used to be. That really sucks! The original camera settings were so much better! I also realized that my selfie photos are now showing up in reversed. I bought this phone for the camera use mostly. Now this new update really messed me up bad! I don't like it! Also the recent app buttons which is now change to side ways is not very effective! You can only see like two apps at a time this way. It's not layered on top of each other so I can see all my apps open, its not good. Samsung can you please give us the option to change back. I now feel like this is not the phone I originally purchased!

  5. Just updated S9 Plus, everything is fine so far… EXCEPT the APP SWITCHER!!! Major fail. Why in the hell would anyone want to flick horizontally through all of their open apps when they could see them on one screen? At LEAST give us the option. Come on man.

  6. Horizontal layout of open apps is a backward step – with the vertical stack you could see many apps at once, now you are forced to scroll. Dumbing it down for iOS users?

  7. I just got the Samsung one ui update 2 days ago but it seems like the battery dies a bit faster when I use my phone off and on when I had oreo my battery would last longer

  8. HATE the new one ui. I got the update yesterday and wish I hadn't. I'm not tech savvy enough to roll it back either. Might have to be the last Samsung device I own.

  9. I honestly love this crazy ass material look. Android has always been super disorganized, and that's always why I've been jealous of iPhones. But this ui is so pretty! Very minimalistic and shaped to matched the phone curves. Very symmetrical.

  10. Do i need to update my phone? I've gotten used to how it works and I really can't be bothered to have to start again and set everything up as I like it again. I only ever expect to do this when i upgrade to a new phone and not one I've only owned for 6 months. I understand the need for progress but if I don't want to upgrade the software will my phone still work normally?

  11. They sacrificed alot of features for example entertainment mode and that dot on your navigation bar so you can remove it. I don't know what more they removed or will remove but this uptdate isn't something for me. How do I go back?

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